Looking for a Hair Cutting Shop Near You?

It can feel like a tough job, choosing the best of the local hair cutting shops near you!
There's no substitute for looking and feeling great, and KJ Barbers has got you covered. Why choose average when you can gun for the best? Any men's haircuts in Adelaide should be a premium experience for a proper gentleman.

As well as grooming and pampering, we're your local hair cutting shop near you -
a community you can sink your roots down into. When you're looking for pampered
perfection, book online or rock up in-store for a visit.



True confidence comes from knowing what you want and how to get it. Any good barber knows that.

The modern man is precise about how he wants to look. That's the KJ Barbers promise to you. You'll look good, feel great, and there's no harm in smelling nice along the way as well.

We've all got a little bit of Peaky Blinders cool inside of us. Our men's haircuts in Adelaide will bring it out for you. From buzz cuts to quiffs, from combovers to getting that fade just right, KJ Barbers is your hair cutting shop near you.

Thinking of switching it up a bit? It can seem a daunting prospect to change hairstyles - which is why, of course, you need to put yourself in the care of the best hair cutting shop near you. Don't worry, we've got you. Trust us. Whatever the haircut, we're your barber.



Kids Cuts

Boys Cuts 13 & Under from $22

Teen Cuts 14 -17 from $26


Your little mans first hair cut is such a major milestone. Here at KJ Barbers’s we offer a First Hair Cut Certificate that encompasses a lock of your sons hair to keep forever.


Are you the type to rip off a plaster in one go? Good on you. There's no point in wasting time, and it's better off than on. Waxing is the easiest way to keep unwanted hair off your face. It's quicker than a haircut but the results last longer - what gets better than that?
Facial waxing will keep your face looking clean for three to six weeks. Even beyond that, once the hair starts to come back, you may notice it growing back lighter or finer than it used to be.
Because the results are so long-lasting, waxing is the kind of job you leave to the professionals. A barber will look after your skincare as well as the facial hair.
As a premium service for men's haircuts in Adelaide, KJ Barbers has gained a reputation for meticulous grooming, waxing each strand of hair that doesn't belong on your face.


Nose $15

Ears $15

Eyebrows $15

Cheeks $15


It takes a tailored solution to be able to turn back the clock. As much art as science, an experienced specialist can work wonders on making your skin look young again.
Facials are about balancing the moisture and oil content of your skin, so that your skin is always glowing and plump. Everyone needs a touch-up once in a while to keep from looking tired.
Over time, the skin on our face builds up signs of aging and sun damage, not to mention congestion and acne. Our facials make it easier for your skin to remove build-up and freshen up.
Whether you're suffering from dehydration, oil congestion or something else, KJ Barbers has the exclusive range and specialist touch your skin needs. All our facials are tailored to your unique skincare concerns.
From cleansers and scrubs to more advanced hydration masks, you can find it at our hair cutting shop near you. Come for the trim, stay for the skincare.


Eye Mask $5

Basic Cleanse & Scrub $15

Charcoal Scrub $15

Rejuvenation Mask $30

Hydrating Mask $30

Plumping Mask $30